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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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snow at canton right at 77 and 62. as far as h tonight tonight not going to be a lot. we have been telling you the past couple of days this was not going to be a heavy snow. 2 inches a lot of folks will be less than 2 inches. this is not the end of the snow, we have another chance coming we'll talk about that in the full forecast in a couple of minutes. the story of local communities and new concerns of led stranger danger. thousands of parents are weighing in. carly reporter: good evening, russ. one woman wrote about her experience at this wal-mart facebook post received more than 25,000 shares. now police say it doesn't rise
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>> the most you can do is trust >> reporter: there are stories just like this one posted to facebook after a woman perceived followed in fair lawn. i have been watching him just as much as he was watching us. i would notice he would talk to this girl every once in a while then they . that post was shared 10s of thousands of times. they admit the couple's but say no crime was committed. it sounds similar to in cuyahoga falls, but police tell us there's no connection there either. we spoke with shoppersed to who say they stay alert and about. if you're in a low lit
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out for what's behind you. >> i look for faces that look or acting strange. >> reporter: turner says never hesitate to report something that just doesn't seem right. >> we will be happy to come out and investigate the stances. there's no police agency that would poo poo your concerns like that. >> reporter: police have looked into the reports of these suspicious the couples are likely not related and no crime has been committed but they have passed along the descriptions to other local s just in case other reports are made. thank you. here is what i know, donald trump is a phony. a fraud. his promises ess
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>> mitt failed horribly, i backed him he was being for my a former republican presidential nominee and this year's frontrunner trading strong words in a bitter fight for the tom barris joins me now. we have not seen a day like this in extraordinary. mitt romney took the gloves off unloading on donald trump he claims for the good of his party and country. trump responding romney is a lousy candidate. will it help or hurt trump's chances? >> reporter: mitt romney attacking donald trump the man. >> he is a phony, a fraud, his
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degree from trump university. the bullying, the greed, the -- >> reporter: and predicting a trump nomination hands the white house to hillary clinton. trump wasting no time. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed horribly. i backed him -- you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said mitt drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees. >> we're yelling at somebody. >> if i win ohio he's not going to be the nominee. we're going to go to the convention and i'm going to be the nominee. >> reporter: so will this help or hurt? >> all it doing is
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trump supporters and opening up the eyes of every day rank and file voter. i hope he goes on tomorrow and does it again tomorrow. john kasich, the odds of a broker convention seemingly getting stronger every day. >> this is a must see t.v. on every level? >> absolutely and the democrats will be sitting saying, hit him again, hit him again. but they should get a little bit more time now that ben
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tom barris, thank you. a north almstead teacher is on leave for inappropriate behavior. a police dog jet row was killed. bearfield is facing aggravated robbery, shooting at police. investigators say he shot and wounded the 3 year old k-9 german shepherd. he remains in jail on a $5 million bond. there is news tonight of a shakeup at an institution that launched the careers of legends. the caramou house is laying off long time employees. what does this mean for iconic theater? >> reporter: i talk today the president earlier today and he said what they're doing is
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focusing on arts education and obviously if that process there were some programs where they simply had to close the curtain. the caramou house was the first nation to open its doors to african americans, today they must close. >> we were looking at product lines, but it was creating drains on our budget. >> reporter: some include the daycare programs, after school program, 13 full time and two part time jobs. these cuts will allow them to focus more on the arts. >> many are looking at this, not as dramatically as this. but the funding has lowered drastically.
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jr., of course the late ruby dee. michael oatman was a play writer at carabou. they all came here, worked, learned what they needed to do and often did all of these fabulous wonderful things. >> reporter: he also understands the struggle the arts culture is dealing with. >> every art institution is struggling financial wise. >> reporter: they assured me they are not closing their doors. of course they are planning a lineup of shows for next years and says these decisions had to be made in order for it to stay around for another 100 years. certainly an institution from the fairfax neighborhood. thank you. the cleveland peace makers alliance. -- new director.
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for the community relations board. back in december the boys and girls clubs took over. last month he pleaded guilty to using donated money for personal use. some tools are helping better sever hearing impaired. each of the police departments are equipped with i pads. they can remotely access sign language interpreters. advocacy center. bacteria. back at 6:00, are there dangers lurking in your shower? why this year's spring cleaning should begin in your bathroom.
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news coming from target stores today the big box retailer says it will become more digitally focused. some stores will double as ordering centers. they say look for more organic options to come to the grocery section also. sprig cleaning is just around the corner -- spring cleaning. >> reporter: we take showers to get clean but some of the products you leave in your shower for months could actually make you sick. everyone's shower has something growing.
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it for about a year. >> reporter: dermatologists say there's a definite expiration dates for things in the shower. >> it's like a giant petri dish, so you need to be aware of what's in there and keeping it clean. >> reporter: the most frequently tossed tool should be your razor. >> toss it. if you don't it can grow bacteria. >> reporter: same with natural lufas. toss them out after three weeks. >> reporter: unless it is synthetic. >> keep it out of the shower and let it dry. >> reporter: but by the time it starts to dry on your shampoos and conditioners it's already compromised. sometimes you can open it
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bacteria growing in the lid of a product. >> reporter: so inspect your shower to avoid skin irritations down the road. monica robins channel 3 news. i hate when she does that because now i'm going to get home and get in the shower and go, oh, geez. how are you? >> i'm great. >> i want to tell people today is betscy's birthday. >> thank you 29 again. you look phenomenal. >> reporter: the temperatures are going to hit 29 over the next couple of hours. snow showers will be coming and going to snow is light but it is noticeable especially if you are out and about on the roads, it's not really accumulating on the roads but you can definitely see it. it does inhibit visibility just a bit.
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light to moderate snow. there's a break in the action farther to the south and west. we are not seeing accumulation really amping up here, i think it will be held down at least for the next several hours. we are not done, this is kind of the northern periphery of the system that's passing to our south and we are anticipating more moisture to work back our way, we will continue to see the snow showers. temperatures will be staying just below freezing so we're not expecting this to freeze over. it does not look like we will have a lot of accumulation out of it. out to the west we have a storm system that will eventually become a clipper pass through on our area saturday. that will have a little more heat and we are anticipating temperatures to be above freezing, so a rain-snow mix is
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saturday's precipitation. you see this little system here, more importantly you see the digging these clouds are doing in the eastern apartment of the pacific. that is the pattern change that we will be going through by the weekend and next week, here comes el nio, so we are expecting a very spring like week next week. tonight, kind of the same. temperatures back into the mid and upper 20s. accumulations all across northern ohio at 2 inches or less. here is the way hour-by-hour forecast, by about midnight that extra surge of moisture is working its way into the air, so by the morning we will see the snow backing down and out and temperatures will be back around freezing by the start of
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can't rule out any flurries by the early morning, but by the afternoon sun should be breaking out. low 30s, and as we head toward the evening we are anticipating more sunshine. accumulations, i showed you this earlier, accumulations 2 inches or less. we will see higher accumulations where the lower temperatures, and that only looks to be 2-3 inches. we will start to break out with sunshine through the afternoon tomorrow. but ahead of our clipper to be that is still out in the northern rockies. that will bring us a big punch of rain-snow mix and not a lot of accumulation with that either at 2 inches or less. that pattern comes just in time track. 40 and partly cloudy for your
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here comes the heat. we go 50s, even 60s and instead of tracking snow we'll be watching rain with even the possibility of heavy rain coming in tuesday sticking around wednesday and even thursday. that's kind of off in the distance, but i think everybody is hanging their hat on the weather right now. >> everybody is hanging their hat on the week? >> week. how about month? >> it's only the third. the cavs back in practice after two drama filled days.
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as the cavs turn -- >> believe me re-really need dramatic organ music. >> all kind of drama going on. they had some time off that's when it all began. monday the report about -- not being happy, tuesday lebron sent out a cryptic tweet about making a mistake.
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questions on that. and-- today lebron seemed agitated when questioned. >> cause i want to. i would love to go to l.a. but i'll take two and a half over four and a half. things make more sense to me to go south than to go west, but i'll go because i want to. >> after lebron met with the media he sent out another tweet,"can't replace being around friends that reciprocate the same energy back to you in all facets of life" referring to dwyane wade. the wizards tomorrow night. 23 games left to go in the regular season. last year this time the cavs started a clip. this year they are not clicking. erving was asked why. >> some teams fine the
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fine the last games at the playoffs. for us we just want to play baseball and throw yourself into the teamand live with the results. >> should there be reason for a concern? >> the cavs are 47-42. tonight they play the wizards. they have lost the last three of the five games. >> spring training the indians played the reds -- you're right. and they played them again and it looks as though they are bored. we go out to arizona. danny salazar.
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twice and make the lead 3-0. wallicick wallicick. shaw did not get out of one inning. the indians lost 9-1. tomorrow a big change they'll play a different team. they'll take on the white sox. and we'll close out big, tiger woods opens up a new par three course yesterday in texas. he designed the course. 11-year-old tailer soldier knocked it in a with hole in one from 81-yards out the crowd went crazy, tiger hugs the young man. how about that? a hole in one but you do it in front of tiger woods? that is amazing. >> and you're not concerned about the cavs? >> no, not at all. >> you think it went in? >> i think it went in again. >> i am not worried about the cavs.
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off the rails last year was getting hurt. as long as they are healthy they should be fine. >> thanks. we will be back at 7:00. do i want to go to the house in miami or l.a. we'll see you back here at
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breaking news tonight. clash of the titans. mitt romney releasing a blistering attack on donald trump, warning republicans to stop him. trump fires back and the gop braces for all-out war. a police officer smacking and kicking a 16-year-old, triggering outrage and a criminal investigation. soccer superstar brandi chastain, after her iconic victory celebration, why she said she's donating her brain to science. the price you pay for health care, a new way patients are finding to save big money, on average $1,000. we'll show you. and story time.


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